Marilyn Manson teases new music in fresh tour poster

Posted by on September 5, 2017

While this past holiday weekend involved BBQ’s and an official farewell to summer, Marilyn Manson taunted us once again about his anticipated new album. Heaven Upside Down, The follow-up to 2015’s The Pale Emperor still doesn’t have a set release date, however, it is rumored to arrive on September 29th. The antichrist superstar shared a picture on his Instagram revealing an advertised poster for his upcoming tour. 

The poster is a reference to a new song, “We Know Where You Fucking Live,” along with the following quote:

Illuminate the suspense of terror with expressing the inexpressible. The unfreedom of thought, hardened by casual violence allows Me to prepare us all for the  disintegration of what Our world has become. We will clean up our own shit. And we will make those who fed us, dig a god-sized toilet for themselves to swim in”

Marilyn Manson’s North American tour begins at the end of this month in Silver Spring, MD. It’s only a matter of time when his near-year-long cryptic messages will become clear.


Count backwards from ten. You and I will be together again.

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