Lorna Shore guitarist addresses decision to release ‘Immortal’

Posted by on February 25, 2020


Over the last decade, Lorna Shore has gone through a number of lineup changes. It hasn’t been easy, but they’ve continued to push through their obstacles, and eventually signed to Century Media Records. One of the biggest chances they took was looking for a new vocalist after frontman Tom Barber left the band to join Chelsea Grin. Unfortunately, the group was unaware of CJ McCreery’s background as nearly two years later, they fired him due to abuse allegations against him. Timing wasn’t on Lorna Shore’s side when the accusations took place, which was a month before their new album, Immortal, arrived. Both the band and label were forced to make a difficult decision and eventually decided to release the record, as is with McCreery’s vocals. In a recent discussion with BREWtally speaking Podcast, guitarist Adam De Micco has addressed the group’s decision, stating:


“I mean, believe me it was a lot of frustrating experiences, cause even before the record came out it’s like I’ve put 10+ years into this band, and a lot of effort and a lot of work.

It was like is this going to crash all of the work that I’ve put into this? Is this like going to tarnish all of the struggles and all of the efforts and tours that we’ve taken and all the things that we’ve done, is this going to come crashing down?

Prior to that we just released a single/video for ‘Immortal‘, and I was seeing so much positive feedback. I was getting interviews and everyone’s like I can’t wait for the record to come out, its phenomenal like ‘oh my god finally.’ We can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

All this effort we put into this is finally worth it, we’re finally going to be, as a band, not having to overcome these hurdles that we constantly overcome. To then have that situation happen where it’s like ‘oh my god,’ potentially everything can go away. All my effort can go away based off of nothing I even did. Based off of nothing I had a clue of. Based off of nothing I was aware of, and stuff that I don’t even think about.

I’m like fuck, this could all go away based off of not even me. Not even like I put out a bad record, not even like I did something on my part—like chose not to tour and whatnot, and being responsible for. Like this could potentially harm me, in a sense where this is going to ruin everything I’ve created.

So we’ve had those thoughts, I was very frustrated and I’d call Austin being like dude we put in so many years, cause Austin’s been there pretty much from the beginning was well. He’s been in this band for about 8 years now, so he’s put in tons of work. It was quite frustrating to have that thought and think about that. But we realized that none of that served us. We realized thinking that would not make the situation any better.

You could be blaming someone, and be like ‘this is all your fault’, but it didn’t feel good thinking that sort of way. So we approached it in the sense of there’s no sense in thinking that, to keep that in a headspace that’s not going to make the situation any better.

So we were just thinking about, OK let’s just focus on the positive of the situation as opposed to the negatives and whatnot, cause thinking about the negatives is only gonna make matters worse.”


Listen to the full discussion below:


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