Life of Agony’s Mina Caputo wants to be the frontwoman for Stone Temple Pilots

Posted by on April 14, 2017

New York’s Life of Agony are on their way to releasing A Place Where There’s No More Pain on April 28 via Napalm. There have been quite a few changes for the group since 2005’s Broken Valley, making their forthcoming album one of the most anticipated records of 2017. While the band are currently promoting their return, frontwoman Mina Caputo admitted wanting to take the spot as a lead singer in Stone Temple Pilots.

It’s no secret Caputo loves the band, she performed an acoustic cover of “Plush” shortly after the passing of Scott Weiland. There have been no announcements on a new vocalist since Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington left the group in 2015. We only heard a few rumors and possibilities since then and this could give Caputo a realistic opportunity.

Recently the singer was asked by Alternative Nation if she would jump at the chance to be the band’s next singer. Caputo revealed she already went through the open audition process:

“Absolutely. I feel like I know the DeLeo brothers and Eric Kretz. But I’m much more closer to rock n’ roll than a lot of people – I was born with a Led Zeppelin record in my hand, y’know? And that being said, the Stone Temple Pilots – to me – have always been like the modern day Led Zeppelin. And I really always felt like I understood Scott’s melodic sensibility. I always understood his masculine/femininity. I just feel like it’s so meant to be. I feel like I’m the right person for the right equation, because not only would I do my damndest to honor the Stone Temple Pilots catalog – which is extremely Biblical to me – but more so than ever, I would love, love, love to create new music with the Stone Temple Pilots. With the DeLeo brothers. They are pretty much my top favorite of all musicians of all time. And I just feel like lyrically, melodically, the shit I’ve been through, that I would be able to deliver really.

I honestly don’t think they really know the true essence and limitlessness of who I am as an individual, or a vocalist, or a front person. I think the only really good way for them to judge would be to actually get me in the room with them, or doing something new with them – to show them. Because I definitely have the sensibility. I know what they’re looking for. I know what they want. I’ve watched many, many interviews with Dean and Robert, talking about kind of singer they want. And I’m the person. I know I am. And I know as far as loyalty…and if they wanted to do a lounge version of “Plush,” or a bossa nova version of “Big Bang Baby,” or a Spanish version of “Where the River Goes” or “Trippin’ on a Hole in a Paper Heart,” I know they’re looking for that singer that if they present like a jazz version of let’s just say, “Dead & Bloated,” they need a vocalist that can “chameleon” their way vocally, lyrically, melodically into a new song or this already existing song that they would want to do, and make it into this different kind of version. Because that’s the kind of band that they are – they have no limits. And the songwriting ability, they’re some of my favorite songwriters. Robert DeLeo is one of my favorite bass players, one of my favorite songwriters. Only because I know what I would put into that project too, and I know my own personal love of music and what music means to me, and what the Stone Temple Pilots’ music means to me. Everything that they were and everything that they contributed to rock n’ roll…I would lose my mind if I got a call to just be like, “Hey, come on and come down. Maybe we’ll jam on something new.”

I think a lot of great people might be getting lost with the way that they’re doing it. Because I haven’t heard anything about anything – since they put that whole thing up. And I actually went that route. Just because I’m in the business or didn’t think I should get any kind of special treatment because I’m in somewhat of a successful act or whatever, I went through the rings like everybody else, and then I didn’t hear anything. I spoke to Eric a year ago, and I haven’t really spoken to Eric since. God knows what they were going through – or went through. Scott…we can never use that word “replace,” because nobody ever, ever, ever could replace that man. And if I ever did get the gig, even if it was for one night and they did a special event with all different singers and I was singing one song, you can never replace Scott Weiland. That’s not the idea of it. It’s just honoring Scott’s energy, it’s honoring Scott’s contribution to rock n’ roll and creativity itself. I just feel like because I’ve been listening to them my entire life, and I know their catalog inside and out, I know even the way Scott shaped his lips to sing. I’m a singer. I grew up singing classical music, doing classical training. I understand – I can hear the vibrations coming out of his mouth. So I feel like I would be pretty, pretty, pretty good.”

Check out the rest of her statement here.

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