The Hartford Courant has reported the home where All That Remains guitarist Oli Herbert lived and near where he was found dead may soon be on the foreclosure market. The bank allegedly gave Herbert a $132,000 mortgage to buy his home and now the bank’s attorney is requesting the judge to grant a strict foreclosure on his property as well as to immediately take possession of the residence. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Herbert still lives at the household while her husband’s death is being considered as suspicious. Herbert’s body was found in a pond near his home in Connecticut on October 16th, and presently being investigated by the police.

The Courant addressed that court records traces back to June stating that the Freedom Mortgage Corporation filed a foreclosure notice in Rockville Superior Court alleging that the guitarist hasn’t paid a bank loan. Herbert apparently never contested to the foreclosure and failed to appear in court back in September as a judge issued a default motion against him.

Based on town records, the Herberts purchased the home for $135,000 back in 2013. The attorney for the mortgage company claims the Herberts owe $137,00 after taxes and additional fees.