Kittie’s Morgan Lander recounts the band’s debut and supporting Slipknot

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Kittie vocalist and guitarist Morgan Lander, and drummer Mercedes Lander had a chat with Metal Hammer, they talked about the success of their debut album, Spit, from 2000. The album was a defining moment for the band.

In January 2000, Kittie was tapped to support Slipknot as they headlined their first tour.

Here is some of what went on in the interview,

“We left for the tour, and I just never went back to high school,” says Morgan. “Those first 5,000 copies that we thought we were only going to seek for the entirety of our career flew off the shelves in a couple of days when Spit was released and then it started to sink in, the true size of what was to come.”

The band found skeptics and gender bias along the way. The idea that these women were kicking so much ass, at the time, was hard for some to believe.

Only a  year after being signed, Kittie played the second stage at Ozzfest. Opening for headliners Soulfly, they were young and the only all female band on the bill. They struggled to be taken seriously.

“Being a young person and having that around you really hurts. It sucks,” says Morgan. “There were suggestions made (by our label), ‘Maybe you can hire a songwriter to help you’ and we were like, ‘Fuck that.’ We were so defiant looking back, maybe it was detrimental with our relationship with the label. We said no to many things – I’m pretty sure Calvin Klein asked us to do (an advert) and we were like, ‘Fuck you, no way.’ That would have been huge! We were so much in control of our career and direction, we didn’t want anyone to question the validity of our songwriting skills or our abilities as musicians. No one could tell us what to do. We wanted to blaze our own trail and that is baked into ‘Brackish’ and also the whole album.”

The interview in its entirety can be found here.

Morgan recently spoke to Rock Talks about the possibility of a new Kittie album:

“We are no longer a signed act, so if we were going to make new music it would be released independently. But we do still have a number of legacy-type projects that we are going to be releasing and working on for the future. We love to be able to pay tribute to the things that we’ve done in the past, and I know that a lot of people are even just excited for re-releases of old stuff and whatnot. We’re always looking for ways to reintroduce people and whatnot, so we do have a couple of things coming down the pipeline. I can’t really give too many details yet, but there will be announcements and it will be awesome, and it should be pretty fun. But no new music as of right now.”




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