Kittie Considering Reunion Shows With Original Lineup

Posted by on March 19, 2012

Last month, Kittie announced the return of bassist Trish Doan, who previously played with the band from 2005 to 2007. However, now it looks like sole original members Mercedes and Morgan Lander are considering playing at least a few shows with the band’s original lineup.

The all-female metal group hinted at the potential reunion this past weekend with the following tweet:

“If we did shows with the original line-up (@fallonbowman, @TanyaCandler) and played all of Spit in its entirety would you come? And where?”

Shortly after posting the tweet, the band posted the following via Facebook:

“Looking through some of the comments re: the og line-up reunion, I feel like it should be mentioned that if it were to happen, it wouldn’t be a permanent thing, or even a tour for that matter. Just a few select dates, and Kittie will still remain the Kittie we are now.”

The only album that the original lineup recorded together was Kittie’s 1999 debut Spit. Bassist Tanya Candler left the band shortly after the album’s release to finish high school, while guitarist Fallon Bowman left in 2001 for unknown reasons. Since then, Kittie have had its fair share of lineup changes, with the Lander sisters remaining as the only original members.

So do you want to see the original lineup of Kittie reunite to perform Spit in its entirety? While exact details have yet to be announced, it looks like such a reunion is close to happening.

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