Kittie drummer making bank selling cribs

Posted by on September 24, 2013

Kittie drummer The music business is a tough one. We know this, however it can still be shocking to think that rock stars may need to find ways of making money outside of their chosen profession.

Kittie drummer, Mercedes Lander is no exception. While the band she helped found rose to quick fame in 1999 with their certified gold album Spit, even with consistent follow-up album releases Kittie slowly fell off the hype radar. Unfortunately this doesn’t always equate to the most lucrative situation. But that doesn’t mean Lander is sitting home crying about it. Girl is getting her hustle on by selling real estate for Envelope Real Estate Brokerage Inc. in Ontario.

While we hope to eventually live in a world where hard work and creativity can truly be compensated, we are readily aware of the current reality of many situations. With that, we are actually very curious as to what type of pads Lander specializes in. Check out her real estate Facebook page to see what she has to offer. She may be holding the key to your very next dream home, and with the honest lyrics her band puts out, she doesn’t seem to be someone who would sugarcoat square footage, faulty wiring or bad landscaping.

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