King Parrot’s van broken into in Chicago

Posted by on April 13, 2015

King Parrot from Melbourne, Australia weren’t welcomed to the States too nicely when visiting Chicago on their tour with Weedeater this past weekend. According to a post on their Facebook, their touring van was broken into on Saturday. The culprit busted their window and took a week’s worth of show profits as well as some personal items. Here’s what King Parrot had to say:

“Last night our van got broken into in Chicago. We lost a week of show and merch payments along with some valuable personal items. Stupid… Yeah we know. Any friends that can make a donation to help us recover what we’ve lost would be greatly appreciated. Paypal: [email protected] All donations $20 & over receive an exclusive gift from the band. Thanks everyone.”

Good news, however! Earlier today, less than a day after the initial post went up, the band took to Facebook again to announce that thanks to the generous donations of their fans, they have almost entirely gained back the money that they lost. “Your generosity has blown us away,” the band stated, adding, “We will be in touch with every person who has donated after our current tour is finished. Once again, thanks so much for helping us in our time of need. We are so grateful for the awesome people that support us.”

It always sucks when hardworking bands get ripped off by thieves just trying to make a quick buck, but it’s incredible to see how a community can come together and support a band when they need it most.

King Parrot says they do not require any more donations as they’ve already recouped their losses – but if you wish to donate anyway, their Paypal email is [email protected]

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