Ulcerate Get Van Broken Into In NYC

Posted by on May 21, 2012

It’s always a bummer to hear about a band’s gear getting stolen, but it’s even shittier when it’s a band that came all the way to New Zealand for their first American tour to have that happen. That fate befell Ulcerate following their Saturday show at Brooklyn’s Public Assembly. From their Facebook:

We had our van broken into in New York last night at our accom. We’ve lost all our guitar gear (preamps, effects units), some drum equipment, stage banner and all of Svart Crown’s merch was also ripped off. We’re going to keep going but this is a fucking terrible start. We had phenomenal shows in Philadelphia and NYC last night so this is an absolute kick in the fucking teeth.

Their tour manager weighed in that while the band is uncomfortable with accepting money, you can donate to them via PayPal by e-mailing them at ulcerate [at] gmail.com. Thankfully, they’ll be able to borrow gear up until their appearance at this weekend’s Maryland Death Fest, and won’t miss any dates. It’s still disappointing that dickbag opportunists still steal from touring bands, who aren’t exactly raking it in on the road in the first place.


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