While 2019 marks the 20th anniversary of KoRn’s fourth studio album Issues, it also marks three years since the band’s latest effort The Serenity of Suffering. Since the band’s 1994 debut album, they haven’t gone over three years without releasing a new record. Therefore, it’s safe to say their overall thirteenth studio LP will arrive sometime this year. While frontman Jonathan Davis spent most of last year supporting his solo debut, he also took a significant amount of time off to grieve the death of his wife, Deven, who passed away over the summer.

Davis has now recently shared an image on his Instagram to reveal he’s in the studio tracking vocals for the new KoRn album. Davis addressed that the last few months haven’t been the best for him as he promises his fans he will deliver an amazing new KoRn album.

The singer commented:

“I want to thank you all for your kind words over the last couple months what I’m going thru has not been easy by any means. You all helped make the pain bearable. In return I promise to give you my all on this amazing new @korn_official record we all can heal together. #recordingvocals

We recently spoke to KoRn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch as he told us it’s the longest break KoRn has ever had:

“And we took the most time off than KoRn has in years. Maybe even ever because when I left I was like, “Thank God, I can just sit at home for a while.”