Grey Daze has made the difficult decision to postpone the release of their upcoming album Amends. The re-recording/reimagining of the band’s early music, originally slated for release on April 10, will now be released on June 26. 

“We’re bummed to have to do this but out of concern for those that need to spend time with their loved ones due to Covid-19, we and our label Loma Vista Recordings came to the decision to postpone Amends release date from April 10th to June 26th,” wrote the band in a post on their social media accounts. “We’re committed to engaging with our fans online during this extended release period & will be sharing more music, videos, and band memorabilia over the coming months.”

Said drummer Sean Dowdell in a separate statement of the postponement:

“When we announced that we were working on Amends our intention was always to honor Chester’s memory and to finish the work he had begun with us. Amends means so much to his family, our families and the millions of fans worldwide who embraced Chester that we feel we owe it to everyone involved to ensure that Amends receives a proper release.”

Grey Daze, featuring late Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington, reunited in 2016 to work on releasing an album of reworked songs from the band’s previous two albums. A few months into the sessions, Bennington committed suicide, effectively halting the album’s progress. Eight months later, Dowdell decided to pick up the project again in his memory. 

Even though the release of Amends has been postponed, fans will still get to hear the album on April 10. The band has decided to hold online listening parties instead. Said Dowdell:

“We didn’t want to release it in the midst of this crisis. Having said that, we know there are a lot of fans who pre-ordered the album, have been watching the various videos and behind-the-scenes footage we’ve been sharing and we didn’t want to let them down either, so we came up with the idea of an April 10 worldwide listening session.”

“Starting today we’ve launched a fully experiential website that will allow any fan to dive deeper into the story of our band and album,” writes the band in the social media post. “We remain committed to fulfilling Chester’s creative dream and will do everything we can this Spring to help all fans experience Amends until you get your hands on it on June 26. Stay safe!”

Grey Daze has released two singles from the album so far, “What’s In The Eye” back in January and “Sickness” in February. The album features several special guests, including Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch & James “Munky” Schaffer, Helmet’s Page Hamilton, Breaking Benjamin’s Jasen Rauch, Bush’s Chris Traynor, Julien-K/Adema’s Ryan Shuck and LP, as well as Bennington’s son Jaime.