Gojira members have fossils named after them

Posted by on September 15, 2021


Gojira and their members are now a part of science history. Now a Paleontological metal band, Gojira and the names of all their members have been used to identify new, recently discovered fossils. In an Instagram post, Gojira posted this caption with a picture of Ophiogojira.

“Meet Ophiogojira, a 190-million-year old brittle star named after Gojira. The new fossil comprises two species, Ophiogojira labadiei and Ophiogojira andreui, honoring Gojira’s Jean-Michel Labadie and Christian Andreu, respectively. A third closely related fossil from the same collection was named after Joe and Mario Duplantier: Ophioduplantiera noctiluca. The new fossils were discovered by paleontologists Lea Numberger and Ben Thuy from the Natural History Museum Luxembourg, and biologist Tania Pineda from the Florida Museum of Natural History. Gojira are now part of Earth’s history, and a small step closer to immortality.”


Gojira often explores spiritual and environmental themes closely connected to our planet. 



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