GoFundMe launched to help out Bobby Burns (ex-Primer 55/Soulfly)

Posted by on April 11, 2019

Bobby Burns, the former bassist of Primer 55 and Soulfly, is dealing with some legal woes and is currently in jail. A GoFundMe page has been launched to help Burns with legal fees and to obtain a lawyer to prove his innocence. The post claims that Burns is trying to gain rights to see his son from his estranged wife.

Many of you will know Bobby from his life with Primer 55 and Soulfly. But he had a whole other life outside of music that included being a father, a friend and a hard worker with the parks department in Georgia . Trying his best to make ends meet to pay child support while starting a new life and a new family became too much and he fell on some hard times. He is estranged from the mother of his new baby that was born in December. He trying to gain rights to see his new son. On top of that he is now in jail facing a lengthy sentence for violating a no contact order. This is a charge he denies. He has no resources for a lawyer to help him fix his current legal troubles and fight for visitation. Every child deserves a dad. Please help in any amount you can. Family For Life. Thank you!

You can help out Bobby Burns here.

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