Gene Simmons believes the music business is dead because fans refuse to pay

Posted by on July 27, 2017

KISS’ Gene Simmons doesn’t seem to have the brightest ideas as of late. However, earlier this year, the bassist asked a question many regret to admit there’s a bit of truth behind it: who are the next Beatles? It’s no secret, the music industry has drastically changed over the years. For instance, just recently it has been reported, hip-hop is more popular than rock music in the United States. Therefore, in a lucrative aspect, it’s dwindling down. Simmons recently spoke with Detroit radio station 94.7 WCSX about his continued belief that rock is dead.

“Because fans won’t pay for it. It’s not the industry – it’s the fans. Sometimes there are riots, and sometimes for bad reasons, sometimes for good reasons. But then when people break into stores and run out and take stuff, the business dies. The business is dead, Not for [KISS] – we can continue to tour – and the Rolling Stones can continue to play the songs everybody loves and so can Paul McCartney and stuff.

But for a new band, it’s dead. You have to give away your music for free, because generations of fans have been trained – shamefully – not to pay for music. Download, fileshare, view; I don’t care what you call it, the truth is new bands don’t have a chance.”

Later, the icon stated he hasn’t given up on writing new music and discussed his recent collaboration with former bandmate Ace Frehley:

“A few weeks ago, Ace and I sat down and we wrote two things for his next record, which is gonna be coming out, you know, whenever he says. So writing happens all the time, and in my box set, which is gonna come out – oh, I don’t know – before the end of the year, there are gonna be hundreds of songs. But the actual business of it? No, it’s dead. It’s dead. Because the fans won’t pay for music.”

Simmons hinted at Radiohead, during the time when they released 2007’s Rainbows, telling their fans they can pay what they feel is the right price:

“There was an English band, very well respected. I don’t wanna say their name, ’cause their fans get so upset. And I’m actually a fan of the band. And they decided to put out a brand new album on the Internet, and the headline was, ‘Listen, there’s no price for this, just pay whatever you wanna pay, or don’t pay anything at alldid t.’ They only hat once, because it doesn’t work. If you can walk into a store and there’s a sign up that says, ‘You can have anything for free or pay whatever you want,’ how long do you think that store would stay in business?”

While the music industry has received a major dip in sales over the years, there has been an increase in crowdfunding campaigns. Many continue to debate about this method, however, artists such as Ne Obliviscaris and even Wintersun with their soon-to-have brand new studio, have been making their music rather profitable.



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