Frenzal Rhomb guitarist claims Deftones’ Chino Moreno threatened to shoot him in the foot

Posted by on February 25, 2016

frenzal-rhomb-51dfd2280ced4If you’re a rising artist and the way seems to be clear on your pursuit of success, many things you did or said in the past might haunt you once you reach your goal. While that’s a certainty, we can’t be sure if the claims from Frenzal Rhomb guitarist, Lindsay ‘The Doctor’ McDougall, about Deftones singer telling him he would “shoot him in the foot” are true.

During an interview with Music Feeds, McDougall  recalls an encounter with frontman Chino Moreno back in 2003, saying the following:

One year at the Big Day Out, we were about to play our hit* single Ball Chef, a jaunty tune about those good humans tasked with preparing “Rocky Mountain Oysters” or buffalo testicles for eager consumers. Our much-better spoken singer Jason was explaining that these are indeed a menu item in parts of America, something we’d seen for ourselves. I decided to add an extra element to the narrative, albeit a false one, and exclaimed “In fact if you go backstage, Chino from the Deftones is chewing down on a big plate of balls right now!”

Turns out that things you say on stage have a habit of getting back to the people you say them about, and an hour or so later Jason (who is often the target for reprisals being our tallest and most identifiable member) was being cornered by Chino and his merry music-makers, and being told things like “You used the D-word for your own devices!” and ‘If we were back in Sacramento, I’d shoot you in the foot.’

McDougall goes on and says the whole incident was set aside and wasn’t really that big of a deal but it’s still funny to think on how specific it sounds to threat someone to shoot em in the foot. You can read the rest of the interview here.

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