Former Flaw guitarist Tommy Gibbons has stepped away from music

Posted by on October 21, 2019


The Flaw saga continues! Tommy Gibbons was recently fired from Flaw due to his plagiarism scandal and has now decided to step away from music entirely to focus on his family.

“Hey guys it’s been awhile and I’m just gonna get right to the point. I’ve decided to completely step away from music. I have no regrets and I’ve had an amazing and I mean amazing time!

Now it’s time for the next chapter of my life. Gonna focus on my son, enjoy the Holidays with my family and maybe even try to dabble in the family business. Who knows?

That’s the best part of life. Sometimes you just need to press restart. To all those who truly supported me I say thank you and I love you all.”

As for the rest of the band, vocalist Chris Volz said they are currently looking for a 2nd guitarist and another bassist to finish up their new album.

Hey Flaw Family, just wanted to give everyone a heads up about our recent progress and plans for the future. We had 5 concerts left to perform this year that we are postponing and re-scheduling for next year-2020 (all pre-sale tix will be honored)…. We are taking the rest of the year off to get the crew back to where it should be and finish a new album. We feel that focusing on finding a solid bass player and re-adding a 2nd guitarist is at the top of our priority list right now. We have received dozens of video auditions for the open bass position but are still accepting submissions for both bass and 2nd guitar (email videos to: [email protected]). We have also been working on some amazing brand new material and hope to have another album ready to go in the 1st quarter of next year! Sending much love and respect to you all and hope you have an amazing Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas with your families! You better believe we’re coming back stronger than ever! See you all early next year!
OTSS!!! 🤘😎🤘

Perhaps they can hire Riff Master T or Douglas Pattrick full-time?

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