Five Finger Death Punch confirm line-up change

Posted by on October 14, 2020


Five Finger Death Punch have officially confirmed the group’s line-up change. The band officially parted ways with guitarist Jason Hook during their European tour back in February. After recovering from his emergency gallbladder surgery at the end of last year, Hook was forced to leave midway from their European tour due to complications. After months of speculation, the group has finally confirmed Hook’s leave and announced their new lead guitarist, Andy James. 


Hook comments:

“I have had the pleasure of meeting so many of you in person. Thank you for the endless stories of how our music has touched your heart in some way! But the best part of being on tour the last 12 years, by far, has been playing my guitar and seeing the joy on your faces every night. I will miss that more than anything. As far the reason I’m leaving…well, there really isn’t just one. I’ve been in bands my entire life and I feel like I’ve done all the good that I can here. It’s time to pass the baton and move on to new challenges.” 


Guitarist Zoltan Bathory adds:

“Jason is an incredible guitar player so we had to find someone on the absolute top of their game. Someone like Andy James who was already a well-known virtuoso and had the chops to step into Jason’s shoes. Andy completed our European Tour with us back in February so he was already tried by fire. We instantly clicked both musically and personally so he was the obvious choice. We even have the same birthday… Some things are just meant to be.”


Frontman Ivan Moody expressed:

“I just congratulated Jason on his recent wedding, and I hope he finds peace and happiness. As for us, I’m really excited to keep working with Andy and I just can’t wait for this Covid madness to be over so we can go back out on the road.”

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