Ex-Children Of Bodom frontman’s biography being released in English

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Chaos, Control & Guitar, the biography of ex-Children Of Bodom/current Bodom After Midnight frontman Alexi Laiho, is being released in English for “international readers and fans.” The new copies ship on April 24.

“When a punk rocker’s attitude to life is combined with dazzling technical know-how on the electric guitar, a larger-than-life story begins to unfold,” reads the book’s description on Record Shop X:

“Relentless practice, horror movies, and vintage cars. Hard rock and even harder partying. These are the elements that Alexi “Wildchild” Laiho is known for. In his candid biography, the best metal guitarist in the world reveals for the first time what he loves, what he hates, and what he fears. A veritable Hitchhiker’s Guide to Alexi, Chaos, Control & Guitar is the only authorized biography of the first four decades in the life of the former Children of Bodom and current Bodom After Midnight frontman.”


Originally titled ‘Kitara, kaaos & kontrolli,’ the book was written by Petri Silas, a seasoned music writer who has worked with Laiho professionally and personally for more than 15 years, making him “a uniquely placed ghostwriter for the book.” The Finnish original came out in April 2019 as a way “to honour [Laiho’s] remarkable career and 40th birthday.”

As mentioned in the book’s description:

“Alexi Laiho is one of the most internationally successful metal musician[s] in Finland.”

An original member of Children Of Bodom, the band released 10 albums in their 26 years together, the last of which, Hexed, hit shelves in March 2019. Drummer Jaska Raatikainen, bassist Henri “Henkka T. Blacksmith” Seppälä and keyboardist Janne Wirman announced their departure from the band in October, leaving Laiho and guitarist Daniel Freyberg as the only members. That is until a couple months later when Raatikainen et al announced that they were the rightful owners of the brand, officially dissolving the band. Their last show took place at Black Box in Helsinki Ice Hall on December 15.

Out of the ashes, Laiho and Freyberg formed Bodom After Midnight with drummer Waltteri Väyrynen (Paradise Lost), bassist Mitja Toivonen (ex-Santa Cruz) and keyboardist Lauri Salomaa rounding out the line-up.

English copies of ‘Chaos, Control & Guitar’ are available for preorder now.

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