Evanescence announce new touring lineup

Posted by on May 23, 2022


Following the split with guitarist Jen Majura, Evanescence have now announced their new touring lineup. Tim McCord will be taking over guitar duties as the band has recruited Emma Aznai (Sick Puppies) on bass.


The band issued the following statement: 

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have some very big news to share. Introducing our new guitarist… TIM MCCORD!! After 16 years in the band as our rock solid bass player, Tim is taking a turn on his original instrument. Spoiler alert- he’s great at it. And on bass, it is our extreme pleasure to welcome the incredibly talented Emma Anzai of @sickpuppiesofficial! We’ve been friends and fans for years, and the time has finally come to join forces. Emma will be pulling double duty as we have some shows with Sick Puppies coming up soon, so get ready for that! We are all very excited to bring this new formation to the stage for the first time in Athens on June 5. See you soon!”


In a separate comment, vocalist Amy Lee explained the following on the lineup shift:

“Making positive change in your life (and band) can be really hard. Some choices we make, some are made for us. But who we are in the end is how we handle whatever comes our way. Today is a big day in my band. Taking another step forward with my brothers who have been beside me for 15+ years, and welcoming in a beautiful friend we are so excited to share the stage with…. I’m happy. You never know whats around the corner, but when something is right you know it’s right. And this feels so right. Welcome Emma! Love all you guys.”



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