Dying Fetus’ band name offends Dutch gynecologist

Posted by on May 29, 2015

Well, this is hilarious. Dutch gynecologist Bertho Nieboer clearly has an eye for detail (or maybe just a tendency to pick out female reproductive words in advertisements?). Neiboer got a bit pissed off driving past a billboard for this year’s FortaRock when he saw Dying Fetus amongst the mentioned bands that will be supporting Slipknot at this Dutch festival.

The offended lady-doctor took to Twitter to express his disdain at the advertisement:


Translated, Dr. Nieboer said that he is calling on the city for billboards with band names such as Dying Fetus to be removed. The doctor backed up his belief to a few Dutch newspapers, making the point that this ad was close to a hospital, and if someone has recently lost a child, “Dying Fetus” may be a jarring thing to read in such large print. This is an understandable thought, but given all the other triggering and graphic elements of everyday media this hardly seems like a pressing example.

This same newspaper article explains that the municipality has no control over the advertisements, so this call to action can’t exactly be heeded so easily. FortaRock representative Robert Korstanje defends that the band name has nothing to do with the actual death of a baby, and that most people won’t read too heavily into the ad where Dying Fetus is on the last line of text if they’re not already interested in the festival.

Upon seeing Dying Fetus tweet out a link to the newspaper article outlining the story, Dr. Neiboer actually reached out and offered his best wishes to the band and explained that he just wanted to start a discussion. Cool move, Doc.


FortaRock will take place on June 6th in the Netherlands and will feature Slipknot and Lamb of God as well as Dying Fetus.

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