Drummer John Dolmayan hopes a Christmas Miracle “will happen” for System of a Down

Posted by on December 16, 2019

Within the last few years and into the next, we’ve seen countless bands work out their differences and reunited. We’ve seen the Misfits, Mötley Crüe, Rage Against the Machine, Mr. Bungle, Mercyful Fate, and many more. For instance, Red Hot Chili Peppers have made headlines today (16th), beyond music outlets on guitarist John Frusciante’s return to the group in ten years. We’ve seen Possessed, Exhorder, and Tool release a new album this year reminding us that anything is possible to rekindle that old musical flame. Unless, you’re going through a mysterious lawsuit, it’s difficult for zealous fans to understand why new music isn’t possible.

Next year doesn’t only mark a brand new decade, 2020 will also be time to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the last time System of a Down released new tunes with 2005’s Mezmerize and Hypnotize. We also touched on this subject on our Top 225 Metal Albums of the decade noticing SOAD’s extended absence. This delay surpasses the updates we’ve heard on the group not seeing eye to eye with each other as well as frontman Serj Tankian being “all for” releasing previously unreleased music. Drummer John Dolmayan has once again come forward to speak on what seems to be a never-ending battle for the group to release new music. This time around, Dolmayan is asking for a Christmas miracle for next year to be System of a Down’s year to release new tunes. 

After connecting the dots on these massive reunions with Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, and Tool, Dolmayan expressed his thoughts on putting “all the bullshit aside,” via Instagram: 

“Three of these bands can get out of their own way and work together for a common goal, maybe the fourth can as well. Perhaps it’s time to put all the bullshit aside, check the massive egos at the door, and do together what none of us can do alone. Maybe, just maybe a Christmas miracle will happen. Maybe it can be a System Of A Down”

It wasn’t too long ago when the SOAD drummer admitted he wasn’t too happy on the group’s recent performances. Hopefully, the band will be able to put their differences aside for their planned European shows set for next summer, or perhaps it’s time to look into a Musician Authority to resolve any recurring issues. Bands have found a way to reform after three decades. Therefore, there’s still hope for SOAD.


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