There are 12,995 dots in the cover artwork created by Frank Maddocks of Deftones’ upcoming record Ohms, out this Friday (25th). These dots are now available for adoption as part of a new fundraising campaign called, Adopt-A-Dot. Fans can make a donation for one of the dots and all proceeds will go to UC Davis Children’s Hospital and Live Nation’s Crew Nation, a global relief fund for live music crews who have been impacted by COVID-19. Fans who donate a dot will have the ability to upload a photo to the site and will essentially be a part of the album cover. 


Maddocks comments: 

“‘Ohms’ album art is an iconic rendering of a suspended, chance moment in time. Over 10,000 individual circles become unified to create the distinct visual. As with Deftones music and lyrics, the definitive meaning of the imagery invites and relies on interpretation from the viewer. From a dreamy gaze above, to sadness, hope, despair, optimism and a longing for connection, the emotions conveyed are endless and infinitely evolving.” 


You can adopt a dot at this location