Dark Funeral’s stagewear stolen in San Francisco

Posted by on June 19, 2019

We are outraged to hear what happened to Dark Funeral as they just wrapped up their North American Devastation of the Nation tour with Belphegor, Incantation, etc. (read our review from their Baltimore show here). The Swedish black metal outfit announced via all social media platforms that their touring vehicle, which is presumably guitarist Lord Ahriman’s car had it’s rear window smashed into as two out of three bags were stolen. These bags of course, included their irreplaceable stage outfits.

The break in took place in the San Francisco area as a list of stolen items include Lord Ahriman’s beloved boots (we’ve always admired them), his leather pants, Chaq Mol’s leather pants, boots, as well as complete stagewear of Heljarmadr, Adra Melek, and Jalomaah.

The band issued the following statement:

There are few things worse than thieves! We just discovered that 2 of our bags containing our stage outfits were stolen from a car in San Francisco. Window smashed and bags gone. As you know these things are of little use or value for anyone but for us they are invaluable! If you see or hear anything, please let us know!


We always travel with 3 Samsonite suitcases including our stagewear. Only two of them were stolen when we had a break in to our car in San Francisco (Lombard/Francisco area). It shows that the suitcase we still have in our belongings includes all Lord Ahriman & Chaq Mol’s gear except for their leather pants & boots (which are easy to replace). That means we still missing the stagewear for Heljagmadr, Adra Melek & Jalomaah! if you hear or see anything please let us know.”


Loudwire received images from Lord Ahriman listing out items that were stolen, you can see a few of them below:






Dark Funeral’s elaborate stagewear has always amazed us, which has always added an additional excitement to their live performances. Hopefully, they will retrieve their attire soon. In the meantime, you can help them out buy buying merch on their webstore.



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