Lazarus A.D. Robbed In The U.K.

Posted by on March 16, 2011

It’s always sad to hear stories of young, up and coming bands getting robbed while touring the world. The latest victim of such an act is Lazarus A.D. During their U.K. tour with Bonded By Blood, the Wisconsin thrashers’ van was broken into while in Southampton. The band released the following statement about the incident:

“We just want to personally say thank you, to the fuck douche bags who smashed our vans window and stole $1,500 and all our clothes and other personal items. All I can say is thank god we had the gear on stage or the fuckers would have stolen that as well.”

Guitarist Dan Gapen added the following:

“They got every cent of band money, Social Security Cards and our birth certificates. Not to mention they took all of our clothes and hygiene items. Thank god we had our passports in our pockets.”

Despite all of this, the band is continuing on with their tour. However, since there are many dates remaining on the trek, it’ll be extremely difficult for them to move forward in their current state. With that in mind, the band is currently asking fans for donations to help them out. If you care to help out in any way, you can follow the link provided on the band’s website.

Not to restate the obvious, but this is truly an awful situation for any band. Bands starting out are already strapped for cash while on the road (especially overseas). Hopefully Lazarus A.D.’s luck will improve during the remainder of the tour.


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