Chuck Billy got trolled on Reddit yesterday

Posted by on April 28, 2015

Yesterday, Testament vocalist Chuck Billy did a Reddit AMA. And while by the very definition of an AMA, participants were told to ask Billy anything, he tried to keep the focus not on his band, but on The Chief, his custom vaporizer from Lord Vaper. As a result, there were a few takeaways about Testament, even though many of the questions were about the vaping. For example, we learned that when he goes to the movies, he takes two vape pens with him.

User Sidology asked him two good questions. One about the oversold show at Mojoes in Joliet and the second about why he’s vaping, being a cancer survivor. Billy’s answer:

The promoter has been having shows and selling up to 1,000 tickets. There was a new Mayor elected 2 days before the show and enforced the capacity which we found out was only 500. He did have a chance to apply for an extension to get 750 person cap but never did that either. I think this is going to have a big impact on shows there. We are going to make up a show in the area when we have a tour coming through there. This is not an alternative. This Vaperizes the weed. It is much easier on my lungs.

Here’s some more Testament-related questions:

How he came to be on Exodus’ “BTK”:”I was in the studio every day with Zet recording and when they said they needed another voice to do some death vocals they looked at me and said ‘you’re up.'”

His favorite Testament albums: The Gathering, The Formation of Damnation, Dark Roots of Thrash. He replied to a different question saying he’d like to do The Gathering in its entirety.
His favorite thrash metal vocalists: Soilwork’s Bjorn “Speed” Strid, Anthrax’s Joey Belladonna, Death Angel’s Mark Osegueda. His inspirations were Dio, Halford, Dickinson.

Also, he hates roadies. When asked if he would rather fight 1 horse-sized roadie or 100 duck-sized roadies, he responded “100 duck sized roadies so I could step on them.”

Our favorite question, however, was by user Pighalf, who totally trolled the singer:


Well played, dude. If you want to know more about The Chief, you can pick one up and learn more about it here.

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