Cattle Decapitation release best face mask of 2020

Posted by on May 27, 2020


We’ve seen many different face masks and, they’re getting more creative by day. However, Cattle Decapitation have released their own line of face masks, which is arguably the best of the year. The mask is titled “2020 Sucks,” and features everything we’ve experienced thus far, including, Tiger King, the cancellation of all shows, the excessive need for toilet paper, and more. Oh, you can also “kiss ass” on the back side of the mask. Pre-orders are available at this location.


The group commented:

“Covid-19 contamination… Concert Cancellations… Conceited Cat Killers… Kenneth Copeland… Controversy…. Karen. 😳 Concurrently, 2020 has been one cacophonous dumpster fire of Coronavirus created community culpability. Celebrate our species-specific senselessness with this sensationally sublimated Cattle Decapitation “2020 Sucks” face mask. Featuring an assemblage of unfortunate anthropogenic anecdotes anno 2020! An obnoxious array of absurdity with a reverse side that features abominable assholery for your anterior aperture.

Heads up! Re-stocks and New Summer Line Merch Unveiling coming next week!”



Want more Cattle Decapitation? Check out their video for “Bring Back the Plague,” which features a cameo of Metal Insider’s Jeff Podoshen.

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