Korn Offer Brief Preview Of New Album With Brian “Head” Welch

Posted by on May 2, 2013

It’s been a decade since Brian “Head” Welch played with Korn, on 2003’s Take a Look in the Mirror. And after playing a few festivals with them, Welch announced that he’s officially back in the band (something both he and the band essentially hoped would happen).

Now the band is in the studio, working on their follow-up to Path to Totality, their dubstep album. The album, which is due out in late Summer, will not be as electronic-based as their last album. In fact, in the instrumental interlude posted on Rolling Stone today, the record almost sounds post-rock with the exception of the groove it settles into midway through. Also, in case you weren’t feeling old, we’d like to mention that Korn’s self-titled debut album turns 20 next year.

Here’s what Welch said about rejoining the band:

“We knew we would have a blast playing together, because we love each other so much, but we really wanted to make sure the music felt right before we committed to making a whole album together. But since we got in the studio, everything just started pouring out, now I can’t wait until our fans hear this stuff!”

The band begins a tour with Welch on May 15, with the album due out sometime later this year.


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