Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian reflects on Metallica’s “Orion” in reissue essay

Posted by on September 26, 2017

Metallica will be releasing the reissue of Master of Puppets on November 10th. Despite losing most of your funds from their recent WorldWired North American run, this box set is a must. It is the perfect addition for any die-hard Metallica fan as it includes demos, bootlegs, and pages about writing the album along with the impact it made in metal. Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian wrote an entire essay about the instrumental track “Orion,” which will be included on the reissue. The song is most notable for its bass solo and today (26) marks the 31st anniversary of the late Metallica bassist Cliff Burton’s final performance with the band in Stockholm Sweden, which was the night before his unfortunate death. In memory of Burton, an excerpt from Ian’s essay on the instrumental piece has surfaced.

“You have to remember that this was 1986 and they were breaking new ground. When I listen to a song like ‘Master’ or ‘Sanitarium’ now with 30 years of experience it’s easy to see what they did. But in 1986 it was E=MC 2. It was unfathomable and I haven’t even gotten to their masterpiece ‘Orion’ yet. Seriously, did they find a bottle of Beethoven pills? How did they have the maturity to write an eight-and-a-half-minute instrumental that works? ‘Orion’ is moving, it’s cohesive and exciting, and it is dynamic. My ears never even had a chance to get bored because Metallica made me wonder what was coming next.”


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