alesanaAlesana isn’t normally a band we cover at Metal Insider, but their actions might have some repercussions to other bands that are touring internationally. They’re one of the first bands we’ve heard about that have cancelled their touring plans in Russia, the Ukraine and Finland over international concerns. To read between the lines, they don’t want their plane to get shot down. Here’s what the band said in a press release:

To all of our fans in Finland, Russia, and Ukraine:
We are sad but we must regretfully announce the postponement of our trip overseas to play for our fans in Finland, Russia, and Ukraine. Politically, things have been tense in some of those regions and in light of the tragedy of Flight MH17 the members of Alesana, along with our families and loved ones, have decided it is in our best interest to postpone the dates until travel proves to be less inhibitive of our safety. We love our fans and cannot wait to play for each and every one of you, but circumstances have forced us to consider our well-being and the peace of mind of our families. We hope to see you very soon!

It’ll be interesting to see if any other bands follow suit. They’re definitely the first  band we’ve seen to do it. Then again, after cancelling their South American tour earlier this year for reasons that were “out of the band’s control,” maybe they just don’t like traveling outside of the states.