We want to join the Sun and Sail Club

Posted by on November 12, 2013

SunandSailClubOver a month ago, we let you know how psyched we are about Sun and Sail Club, the band featuring members of Fu Manchu and former Kyuss bassist Scott Thomas Reeder. The band’s psychedelic mix of stoner rock and vocoder harmonies sounds like a really weird combination, yet somehow, it works amazingly well. The band said they were inspired by bands ranging from Kraftwerk to Slayer. We can definitely hear the Kraftwerk, but the band, which also consists of Fu Manchu’s Bob Balch and Scott Reeder (no, not the other Scott Reeder), definitely has plenty of the riffy stoner rock of the trio’s band and former band. We’d already heard ““Held Down”, and now thanks to Spin, the full album is streaming. Chock full of riffs, Daft Punk-like vocoder harmonies, and interspersed with jazz guitar interstitials, This album is dope. Check it out, then pick it up on November 19th on Satin Records Recordings.

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