U grind? UltraMantis Black does

Posted by on May 21, 2014

ultramantisblackWe’ll admit to you that we weren’t really sure what Chicara wrestling was until last year when we heard that wrestler UltraMantis Black had signed to Relapse Records. Anyone collaborating with former and current members of Pissed Jeans  would perk up our ears. Which is especially cool when hearing the wrestler was gronting a grind band, which is way heavier than wrestlers that say they love metal but take the stage to Godsmack. At any rate, the band’s debut EP, wisely named Ultramantis Black, will be released on July 8th on Relapse, and can be pre-ordered here, with one of the incarnations an album with an etched b-side. On first listen, “West Siberian Plain” sounds like a slightly more pissed-off Pissed Jeans, which is just fine by us.

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