Track Premiere: Worldsucks – “A Reckoning Is Coming”

Posted by on January 31, 2020

Photo Credit: Kate Hoos

New Jersey DIY thrash/punk rockers Worldsucks are gearing up for their new album, A Reckoning. This marks the group’s overall sophomore effort, which is the follow-up to 2017’s Warning You With Peace and Love. Guitarist/vocalist Mark Scully and drummer/vocalist Nick D’Amore began in the N.J. hardcore scene in the nineties. Since then, the duo have ventured out to different projects and genres but after a decade of exploration, the two teamed up in 2012 and went back to their heavy roots. A Reckoning is promised to be their most ferocious record to date. They took their frustration on today’s society across the globe by placing it into their feral beats. 

Nick comments:

“We wanted to depict our anger and exasperation at the increasingly hellish existence in modern society. But, just hammering on the negative can get pretty dull—even though the record is only 16 minutes! So, there are a couple tunes where we try to pivot toward the changes we want to see and, perhaps, how to get there.”


Mark adds:

“I just knew that this band was different and could be very special, specifically after we wrote ‘Separatist’ (from Warning You With Peace and Love). I am still very fond of some of our older tunes, but I am really proud of, more importantly really like, our newest album. It’s the embodiment of our vision and our views, written and performed with the uncompromising unflinching approach that informs our music and lives—and we are just getting started.”


Today (31st) the duo has teamed up with Metal Insider to premiere the song “A Reckoning is Coming.” 


Listen to the track below:




Yet desperate to

Hold onto some perceived power


So easy to

Attack the most vulnerable


So satisfied

Doing the rich man’s bidding


They’re through with you

And all you have is nothing!

A reckoning is coming

For you

A reckoning is coming

At you

The establishment

Counts on you

To wage war on their behalf


Don’t give a shit

Whether you live or fucking die

Their power is


Should be tearing it down

Think you’re free

Cuz you got a gun?

When they got a target on you

A reckoning is coming

For you

A reckoning is coming

At you

All you got is whiteness (it’s over)

All you got is maleness (it’s over)

All you are is baseless (it’s over)

It all amounts to (nothing)

Fight the authority

Not the minority

Use yr energy at those who loom above

Stand with the immigrant

Not with ignorant

Turn yr anger to those who lord above you

Cops don’t make us safe

Bombs don’t make us strong

Freedom for the few is freedom for no one

You sense the shift

You fear the change

The reckoning comes, get right or get gone.



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