Remember when Tool came out with a new album? Probably not, but it was 11 years ago. And while 10,000 Days will apparently be joined by a new album at some point in time, Maynard seems to be focusing most of his energy on A Perfect Circle, what with their tour and a new album coming out next year. But while we wait for the next album, the band have gone back and touched up one of their first songs. The title track to Opiate, their 1992 debut EP, has been a staple of their set for the majority of it, and if you’ve seen the band live, you’re aware that they’ve been playing a longer version of the song, extending the middle (check it out below). It turns out that they’ve re-recorded the song in the studio. Adam Jones released footage of him in the studio overlaying a synth part to the song. We’ll see where it winds up.

[via Metal Injection]