Start Your Monday Off With A New Enslaved Song

Posted by on September 17, 2012

So Enslaved have a new album coming out next month (in America) called Riittiir. Why would they call their album that, other than the fact that it’s  spelled the same backwards? We may never know. However, Metal Hammer is previewing a track from the album, which will be the Norwegian band’s twelfth. Terrorizer described “Veilburner” as “Progressive rock and swaggering Viking metal meet halfway on this track, shifting from fist-pumping verses to swift double-time sections, Larsen’s singing more sombre than soaring.” It does seem to cover about three different genres of metal in its 6:45 running time, but the band pull it off like the pros they are.

Riittiir will be out in Europe on September 28 and North America on October 9 on Nuclear Blast.

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