Song premiere: Yesterday’s Saints, “Origen Adamantius”

Posted by on January 15, 2015

You’ve got to hand it to north Virginia’s Yesterday’s Saints – the band has ambition. The quartet, who play a mix death, thrash and power metal, have been around since 2010, but their debut full-length, Generation of Vipers, is a full-on concept album. It’s assembled like an opera, with three acts, and it’s about Satan, referencing both the bible and Paradise Lost.

Today we’re psyched to bring you the premiere of “Origen Adamantius,” the second track on the 11-track album. Over seven minutes long, the track begins with spoken word, then moves into a Gregorian chant before the song kicks in. While the Gregorian chants return, the song’s thrash doesn’t let up until it’s over. Here’s what vocalist Matt Rice had to say about the song:

This is the song we have been using to start our live shows lately. The Gregorian Chant in the beginning of it is so erie and evil. It’s so great to hear when the room is dark and quiet. The song in the concept is actually the first in chronology of the album concept story. It’s about Satan recognizing he’s close and powerful enough to usurp the Throne of God. The title is the name of a 2nd/3rd century Greek theologian who is basically responsible for all of the ideas of the modern Church. Everything from existence of heaven and hell, the trinity, Satan, and souls. Basically the beginning. The Latin in the song translates to “I am coming for you.” Recording this song was a lot of fun for me. Getting build all of the dissonant chords for the chant, pre-chorus and chorus was fun but were challenging, using every inch of my vocal range.

Heady stuff. And heavy stuff too. Generation of Vipers will be self-released on February 3, and can be purchased via Yesterday’s Saints’ Bandcamp, iTunes and Google Play. Keep track of the band on Facebook.




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