Song Premiere: “Just A Ride” By Sacred Mother Tongue

Posted by on April 29, 2013

Tomorrow (April 30), Sacred Mother Tongue will be releasing their sophomore full-length Out Of The Darkness in the U.S. via The End Records. Before that, though, the UK metal quartet has given us an advance taste with the premiere of the song “Just A Ride.”

Singer Darrin South gave us the following insight into the song “Just A Ride” and the concept behind Out Of The Darkness:

“I wanted the listener to be uneasy on this track. I used an unusual format, crammed in a lot of words, questions and answers flying in from all angles. I wanted it be like a spacey, audio-phonic trip, where nothing quite made sense but you couldn’t stop listening. I’d based the album concept thus far, on finding a shining light among the darkness of our lives, and I was reminded of the great Bill Hicks speech that he used to close his act with.  The idea being that life can take you anywhere you will it to, it’s all about your motivation to better it yourself, to be a better person, to take a stand for things that you believe in, things you’re passionate about and those you love.  Not to live in fear of what is around the bend, not to fear the world or your own mortality.

It’s a timeless philosophy that there are only 2 true human emotions, and all other emotions we experience are bi-products of these.  So you choose how to live your life, by way of fear, or love.  It’s an amazing concept with life altering effects. I think I always intended it to be an ‘album track.’  I knew it was awkward, I knew that not everyone would get it, but it’s actually ended up being one of my favorite tracks on the record and carries a message that I’m really proud to deliver.”

Listen to “Just A Ride” in the stream below. Out of The Darkness can be pre-ordered online, while fans can keep up to date on Sacred Mother Tongue’s plans via their website.

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