Frank Bello and Dave Ellefson’s Altitudes & Attitude Premieres New Song

Posted by on January 13, 2014

You know what your day is missing? A new song from the Frank Bello and David Ellefson’s collaborative project Altitudes & Attitude. We first heard about this happening last month, and Rolling Stone has premiered the song “Booze and Cigarettes” from the group’s upcoming self-titled EP.

Frank Bello gave some touching insight behind the song’s title:

“My grandmother never smoked or drank a day in her life. When she was receiving chemo, I would wheel her to treatment and jokingly say to her, ‘Come on, Gram, get your booze and cigarettes for the ride,’ and that would make her smile. It’s a tribute to my grandmother, who passed in 2012.”

The song itself is more of a hard rock kind of jam than a thrash metal one like some people might have been hoping for, but it’s worth a listen. In addition to Bello and Ellefson, the group also features Jeff Friedl of A Perfect Circle on drums. Altitudes & Attitude will be out tomorrow, January 14th on Megaforce Records.

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