Sevendust get Dirty on first single from “All I See Is War”

Posted by on March 16, 2018

Photo via Sevendust Facebook page

It’s hard to imagine that Sevendust will have been a band for 25 years next year, but they’re still going strong. The band recently signed to Rise Records, and their 12th studio album, All I See Is War, will be released on May 11th on the label. On Wednesday, SiriusXM premiered a new song, “Dirty,” from the album and there was a not great-sounding rip of it making it’s way around the internet. However, today, the song was officially released and can be streamed and purchased.

If you like Sevendust, there’s little not to like about this song. It’s got a rhythmic verse, a soaring chorus, then a ripping solo that’s slightly off-tempo from the rest of the song. The band’s tour starts on 4/20, and you can see those dates here


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