Queens of the Stone Age name new album, producer; hear part of a new song

Posted by on June 14, 2017

Queens of the Stone Age have taking their time letting people know about their forthcoming album. Their website redesign let us know something was coming soon, and today, they’ve put a clip, called “Queens of the Stone Age Face the Truth,” in which we not only find out more about the album, but get to hear a snippet of a song, “Feet Don’t Fail Me.”

Directed by Liam Lynch, the clip finds the band being given a lie detector test about the album, From it, we find out that the album is called Villians, was produced by Mark Ronson (Lady Gaga, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Bruno Mars). The snippet of the song is amazing; very dancey, but also rock and roll at the same time. The band’s sense of humor shows through as well. A voiceover informs all viewers that Villains is “honestly, the best album ever.” We’ll have to wait to find out if it is, but their website has populated the “TV” with more than just the teaser video. There’s a vague 1:15 black and white snippet of odd keyboard music and some vocals as well that was posted yesterda. We’ll probably hear the full song soon enough.


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