Poison Headache have a kickass song, a mystery member

Posted by on April 28, 2016

poisonheadacheEvery now and then, a band appears fully formed seemingly from out of nowhere, and that’s the case with Poison Headache, who popped up today on Noisey via a song called “Sin Eater.” What do we know about them? Well, “Sin Eater” is a metallic hardcore song from a band from San Diego, their album is coming out on Metal Blade in June, and at least one of the three silhouettes on the right is “a dude from a bonafide Big Band.”

Being that it’s a Metal  Blade band, it can be assumed that someone from one of their bands is in the project. That narrows it down to about everyone but King Diamond, who we can say with certainty is NOT in Poison Headache. We’ll find out soon enough, but if you like music like Nails, or Twitching Tongues, you’ve got a new band to add to your list of metal/hardcore bands to keep an eye out for. Like we said, the album will be out on June 3rd, so we’ll probably know more about who they are by then, but it doesn’t matter right now – just listen.


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