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Posted by on October 16, 2012

A cartoon leading the new releases? There is only one genre where such a thing is possible, and that is metal. And while there are music critics that would scoff at such a thing, I think it is awesome that metal is able to provide such cross-media appeal. Besides, this is a cartoon band that has managed to break into the Top 20 of the Billboard charts, so any critics that think cartoon metal is a joke should learn the facts before making such determinations!


Having said that, let’s dive right into the list with the most famous band that will exist in the future post-apocalyptic world!



Dethklok, Dethalbum III (William Street)


I will say this about Dethklok’s past two albums – no matter how many times you listen to them, there is always at least one moment that occurs when you forget that you are listening to a band from an Adult Swim TV show, and rock out just as much as you would to a record by Slayer. Brendon Small should contribute compositions to real metal bands as a side gig, because the music he writes is fantastic. He is lucky enough to be joined by Gene Hoglan, one of the best drummers in the world, so that probably is a major contributing factor too. On Dethalbum III, the band’s real-life bassist, Bryan Beller, also plays on the album, which is a fine addition to his already-impressive musical résumé. Finally, it needs to be stated that season 4 of Metalocalypse is due out on DVD on October 30th, so keep up the excitement for two weeks so we can prematurely bring about Dethklok’s world domination!


My Dying Bride, A Map of All Our Failures (Peaceville)


Doom metal is a genre that never gets old to its fans, and My Dying Bride is the best example of that. Two decades into their career, the British group is still going strong and taking risks, such as the 20-minute single track EP The Barghest O’ Whitby that was released in 2011. The band’s touring schedule hasn’t lost any of its vitality either, as the group is one of the top-billed acts for this year’s Damnation Festival in Leeds. A Map of All Our Failures is the eleventh full-length album for My Dying Bride, and follows the same path as its predecessors in containing few frills and overall exceptional doom quality. This is the first full-length to feature keyboardist and violinist Shaun MacGowan, who joined the band after the release of 2009’s For Lies I Sire.



Also being released this week:


In Fear & Faith, In Fear & Faith (Rise)


Yakuza, Beyul (Profound Lore)


The HAARP Machine, Disclosure (Sumerian)


Illdisposed, Sense the Darkness (Massacre)


Buried in Verona, Notorious (Artery/Razor & Tie)


No Bragging Rights, Cycles (Good Fight/eOne)


SoulSpell, Hollow’s Gathering (Inner Wound)



Next Week: With some of the most highly touted records of the year due out in seven days, this is one list you won’t want to skip over! Come on back for the best we’ve seen in awhile!

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