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Posted by on May 5, 2015

This week’s new release list brings us a lot of veteran acts extending their legacies even further. Representing almost every genre available, at least one of these albums will be to your liking, no matter what. Dig in and enjoy!


Kamelot, Haven (Napalm)

In 2012, Kamelot proved that they would not only survive with new singer Tommy Karevik, but they would thrive, thanks to the album Silverthorn. Now, the power metal veterans are back with the follow-up album Haven, and a clear message that they’re willing to grow and experiment with Karevik on the mic. Haven features plenty of new styles and growth beyond what was displayed on Silverthorn, and should be quite a success among Kamelot’s rabid fans.


Six Feet Under, Crypt of the Devil (Metal Blade)

Six Feet Under is unleashing album number eleven on the masses, and vocalist Chris Barnes brought in some unexpected help for the recording. According to reports, Barnes brought in Cannabis Corpse members Phil Hall, Josh Hall, and Brandon Ellis to perform as session musicians. No word has been given yet if these three will also be part of Six Feet Under’s touring lineup, or what the status of the previous lineup of Six Feet Under is.


Satyricon, Live at the Opera (Napalm)

In September of 2013, Satyricon performed live with the Norwegian Opera Choir, an achievement that frontman Satyr had dreamed of for many years. Such an event was, of course, destined for a video format release. Live at the Opera offers exactly that, presenting the concert on DVD and on two CD’s.


Unleashed, Dawn of the Nine (Nuclear Blast)

On their twelfth album, Viking metal warlords Unleashed are picking up right where they left off, with the “Great Battle of Odalheim”, the closing track to the previous album, Odalheim. The majority of the album is dedicated lyrically to this subject, creating a strong story that ties the whole album together with its predecessor.


Coliseum, Anxiety’s Kiss (Deathwish)

Showing a willingness to grow beyond their roots of D-beat and hardcore, Coliseum expanded their repertoire on Anxiety’s Kiss to include a lot of synthesizers and post-punk styles. The result is an album that throws out the book on Coliseum’s sound and re-writes it to show the band’s maturity and diversity.


Korpiklaani, Noita (Nuclear Blast)

The ninth album from the Finnish folk metal stalwarts is once again sung in their native language, following the pattern of the last few albums. “Noita” translates in Finnish to mean “witch”, but the subtext of the word brings it closer in meaning to “shaman” or “witch-doctor”.


In This Moment, Rise of the Blood Legion: Greatest Hits (Chapter 1) (Century Media)

In This Moment left Century Media in 2014 for a deal with Atlantic Records, but unlike many bands, they worked alongside their former label for the creation of this greatest hits release. Covering the band’s first four albums in equal measure, the release will also include a DVD that contains all of the band’s music videos from those same albums.


Sigh, Graveyard (Candlelight)

Japan’s most storied extreme metal group returns with their tenth album, and it is a star-studded affair at that. Guests slated to appear on the album include Trivium’s Matt Heafy, Dragonforce’s Frederic Leclercq, Niklas Kvarforth of Shining (SWE), and Sakis Tolis of Rotting Christ.


Drudkh, A Furrow Cut Short (Season of Mist)

Drudkh sets itself apart from many black metal bands by taking no political positions and supporting no ideologies of violence. They also don’t play live shows and are very secretive about information, giving them a cult following in every sense. Nevertheless, they know how to make damn good atmospheric black metal, and this new album displays that proudly.

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