This week’s release selection is truly a mixed bag. Ranging from a staple rock group of the ’80s to the premier avant-garde metal act of the current decade, along with everything in between, this is a week to try everything, because it’s all worth your attention! Check it out!


Europe, War of Kings (UDR)

The Norwegian rock legends have not entered “The Final Countdown” yet, as their career is still thriving with album number ten. War of Kings keeps to the tried-and-true Europe format that has been successful for their entire career, cementing another great album into the band’s historic discography.


Enslaved, In Times (Nuclear Blast)

Enslaved has certainly removed themselves from their black metal roots, opting for a more progressive and diversified stance on compositions. But that certainly doesn’t stop this album from kicking ass. Listen to the full album stream and you’ll understand what I mean.


Uli Jon Roth, Scorpions Revisited (UDR)

Uli Jon Roth is synonymous with two things – excellence on guitar, and the glory days of The Scorpions. Scorpions Revisited is Roth’s reinvention of his favorite songs from the band he helped turn into a hair metal institution. This is no mere re-recording of the old hits – Roth has turned these songs into brand-new entities all their own.


Melechesh, Enki (Nuclear Blast)

Israeli black metal veterans Melechesh have been relatively quiet since 2010’s The Epigenesis, but they are back now with their sixth album. Enki takes its name from a god of Sumerian mythology, known as the “Lord of the Earth”, and you can expect that Melechesh plan to conquer the Earth with their unique and punishing style.


Psycroptic, Psycroptic (Prosthetic)

After six years and two albums with Nuclear Blast, Australian death metal group Psycroptic signed with Prosthetic for the release of their self-titled sixth album. They have also taken on an environmentalism cause through the sales of the single “Echoes to Come”, with the proceeds going to the cause of saving Tasmanian devils from extinction.


Cancer Bats, Searching for Zero (Metal Blade)

Dead Set on Living was a highly successful release for Cancer Bats, so their long period of silence following the completion of touring for the album surprised some fans. The band only recently unveiled the fact that it was for the purpose of recording Searching for Zero. Videos for the tracks “Satellites” and “True Zero” have already been unveiled.


Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz (Spinefarm)

Two albums into their career, this Finnish rock group is already garnering the attention of metal heavyweights like Children of Bodom frontman Alexi Laiho. Blending elements of ’80s and ’90s hard rock with the musical virtuosity that only the Finnish scene is known for, this band is already onto something special.


Ovid’s Withering, Scryers of the Ibis (Unique Leader)

Classification of this young band is difficult, to say the least. With a sound that incorporates symphonic elements, technical death metal, breakdowns, and progressive styles, Ovid’s Withering defies conventional genre placement. Regardless of that, though, they sound awesome, and their conceptual lyrics will have you interested, regardless of your take on their style.


Evil Invaders, Pulses of Pleasure (Napalm)

If you’re looking for a young band that understands and appreciates old school thrash, look no further than Evil Invaders. This Belgian group carries a love for Exodus that is unlike anything heard before. Bringing the energy of youth with the musicianship of their predecessors, Evil Invaders knows how to do thrash the right way.