Sabaton - The Last Stand

Well, we’ve survived the heat wave twice. I hope everyone else has managed to do the same. We’re rewarded with a substantial release list this week, with wide-spanning appeal across many genres. Read up and enjoy! We’ve nearly reached the incredible autumn release calendar!


Sabaton, The Last Stand (Nuclear Blast)

When Sabaton began posting on social media about “The Last Tour”, those that were missing context (like me) understandably got very concerned. Thankfully, this is not the end of the Swedish power metal group’s career, although guitarist Thobbe Englund is leaving the band and will play his last shows as part of Sabaton over the coming weekend. The rest of Sabaton will continue going strong in support of album number eight.
soilworkdeathresonanceSoilwork, Death Resonance (Nuclear Blast)

This compilation release from the veteran Swedish group features two new songs and all of their B-sides and rarities that have been exclusively released in Japan over the last eleven years. It’s a great way for those that haven’t picked up the deluxe editions of Soilwork’s last five albums to get all of that bonus material in one place. Soilwork will likely be playing some of these songs on their recently-announced fall tour of North America with Unearth, Wovenwar, Battlecross, and Darkness Divided.


skeletonwitchapothicSkeletonwitch, The Apothic Gloom EP (Prosthetic)

Skeletonwitch suffered a major blow in 2014 and 2015, with the arrest of vocalist Chance Garnette on charges of assault and battery. Garnette was eventually fired from the band due to alcohol abuse, according to an interview he did with Metal Injection. Skeletonwitch has soldiered on, though, and earlier this year, it was announced Wolvhammer/ex-Veil of Maya vocalist Adam Clemens would be taking over as singer. This EP will be Clemens’ recording debut with the band.


traptTrapt, DNA (Crash Collide)

After releasing a career-defining hit in “Headstrong” on their self-titled album in 2002, Trapt has largely fallen off the radar since then. Although they’ve released four other albums since then, none have quite managed the success of that first one. Trapt looks to change that with DNA, which they’ve been promoting at a slow burn since November of last year. Trapt is currently on the road as part of the Make America Rock Again Tour, which features many other successful early 2000s rock bands like Drowning Pool, Puddle of Mudd, and Saliva.


myrkur_mausoleumMyrkur, Mausoleum (Relapse)

Amalie Bruun has already left quite the mark on the black metal world with her solo project Myrkur, receiving widespread critical acclaim with last year’s debut full-length M. Bruun decided to show her creative depth in a unique performance at the Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum in Oslo, Norway. Accompanied by the Norwegian Girls Choir, Bruun performed acoustic versions of seven songs from M, as well as two new songs.


badomensBad Omens, Bad Omens (Sumerian)

Starting out as a germ on an idea in the mind of singer Noah Sebastian, Bad Omens grew quickly into a full-fledged band in 2013. Getting their start in the Los Angeles underground, the group earned a deal from Sumerian based solely on the strength of their live show and the few demos they had recorded at that point. Relentless touring with the likes of Born of Osiris, After the Burial, Upon a Burning Body, and many others has amassed a strong following for Bad Omens, and they’re ready to grow that following with this debut album.


geminisyndromemementomoriGemini Syndrome, Memento Mori (Another Century)

Gemini Syndrome’s debut Lux was a big success, garnering the band comparisons to Five Finger Death Punch and Mudvayne en route to reaching #150 on the Billboard charts. The band began building up to Memento Mori exactly one year ago this week, releasing the first single “Eternity” on August 14, 2015. The buzz behind this album is already quite high, and Gemini Syndrome can expect an even better debut this time around.


thecolormoraledesolateThe Color Morale, Desolate Divine (Fearless)

Signing to Fearless Records may have been the best decision in The Color Morale’s career, as 2014’s Hold On Pain Ends debuted at #28 on the charts, nearly 80 spots higher than its predecessor Know Hope. The Illinois post-hardcore group looks to continue the upward trend with Desolate Divine, their fifth full-length album. The band has spent the summer on the Warped Tour promoting the album, so it’s reasonable to expect that a big debut is upcoming.


powerwolfPowerwolf, The Metal Mass Live (Napalm)

Powerwolf has made a career out of defying the expected tenets of power metal. From their dark imagery and compositions to the inclusion of corpse paint and black metal-esque stage costumes in their live shows, Powerwolf lives to go against the grain. Now they’re putting that on display in their first DVD release. Containing three complete live shows from the band and a pair of documentaries, this is all that a devoted fan of Powerwolf will ever need to know the band inside and out!


disintegratorOn Broken Wings, Disintegrator (Artery)

Veterans of the Massachusetts metal scene, On Broken Wings has maintained an on-again, off-again existence for fifteen years. This year marked a turning point back into the “on” position, as the band signed with Artery in preparation for the release of their fifth album. Disintegrator will the band’s first release in nine years, but if the already-released track “Quicksand Breaths” is any indicator, then On Broken Wings has not lost a step (or two-step) in their mosh-worthy heaviness.