New Cynic coming on Valentine’s Day

Posted by on November 11, 2013

Cynic-Kindly-Bent-to-Free-UsWhile Valentine’s Day is the most romantic holiday of them all, (unless you have a tree fetish, in which case, Happy Arbor Day), if you’re not in love with someone or hate greeting cards and flowers, it’s very easy to get cynical about it. This is our long-winded way of saying that Cynic have a new album coming out on Valentine’s Day 2014. Kindly Bent to Free Us will only be the band’s third album in 21 years, so anticipation is running high for it. Take a look at the artwork for the album. It is a tree? A mushroom cloud? a Rorschach test? All of the above? For now that, the album title and the release date are all we know about it, but we’re already psyched.

UPDATE: While it will indeed be released on Valentine’s Day worldwide,  Kindly Bent to Free Us will receive its North American on February 18, 2014.



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