New and Noteworthy, June 24th: The Creature Lives

Posted by on June 24, 2014

When releases appear from bands that don’t have new music as regularly as we might want, the beast that is the metal community rises with a collective will and surges over this new music, determined to be immersed in its glory as quickly as possible. So it is with today’s top album from Mastodon, just as it has been for each of their last several records. Read up on it, and all the other new albums coming out today, right here.



Mastodon, Once More ‘Round the Sun (Warner Bros.)


2011’s The Hunter was one of the most well-received albums that Mastodon has released. The variety of styles that were showcased on the album, as well as the mix of primary vocalists, is what makes The Hunter one of the most complete albums that Mastodon has released. Once More ‘Round the Sun will attempt to surpass that, which will no doubt equate with even more forward-thinking compositions and stylistic variety. As with any Mastodon record, going in with no preconceptions is best, because there is no way to predict what you will hear, except to know that it will be incredible.


Godflesh, Decline & Fall (Avalanche/Shellshock)


Godflesh has not released new music since 2001’s Hymns. How the world has gone without Justin Broadrick’s genius for so long is beyond me, but regardless, this is the first new Godflesh we’ve gotten in thirteen years, and thankfully, it won’t be the last. A new full-length album, A World Lit Only by Fire,  is expected to be released in September. For now, you can stream this new EP right here and bask in the glory of Broadrick.


Septicflesh, Titan (Prosthetic)


Since their reunion in 2007, Septicflesh has been an unstoppable force in the international extreme metal scene. Their tour with Fleshgod Apocalypse, which starts tomorrow, is one of the most talked-about summer tours currently on the schedule. Both Communion and The Great Mass were great albums that deserved all the hype they received. Titan promises to be the same, living up to its namesake. Check out the track “Prototype” if you don’t believe me.


Allegaeon, Elements of the Infinite (Metal Blade)


Allegaeon is one of the few young bands that has consistently impressed with each new release. 2012’s Formshifter was among my top albums of the year when it debuted, and the previews I’ve heard of this album tell me to expect the same thing. What makes them unique among their peers is that Allegaeon is able to incorporate serious and intelligent material into their music and lyrics, while still enjoying the performance side of their material and keeping a good sense of humor about the expectations inherent in their genre. Just watch the video for “1.618” for proof – a song about the golden ratio of mathematics, paired with a video that satirizes almost every popular subgenre in the metal world, can only lead to greatness.


Stream of Passion, A War of Our Own (End of the Light)


Stream of Passion was formed in 2005 by Arjen Anthony Lucassen (best known as the mastermind behind Ayreon) and Marcela Bovio. Lucassen created the band to help Bovio and other talented musicians gain recognition through their own band, and he left the project in 2007. Bovio and the other members have continued the project with great success. A War of Our Own is the band’s fourth album, and it was entirely crowd-funded through an Indiegogo campaign after the band parted ways with Napalm Records in 2012.


Deathstars, The Perfect Cult (Nuclear Blast)


Following the release of 2009’s Night Electric Night, Deathstars went dark for some time. They did release two compilation albums in the years following Night Electric Night, but talk of new material did not surface until last summer. The band has undergone a number of lineup changes since the previous album’s release, but The Perfect Cult promises to have the same high-quality blend of industrial and gothic metal that previous albums have portrayed.


Incantation, Dirges of Elysium (Listenable)


Earlier this year, there seemed to be a chance that Incantation could go on hiatus. Thankfully, that doesn’t seem to be the case any further, since the band has gotten a fill-in for live shows to support this new album. Dirges of Elysium should be similar to Vanquish in Vengeance, its predecessor from two years ago – top-notch death metal that could only be expected from scene veterans like Incantation. Keep an eye out for tour dates to support this album!


Cannabis Corpse, From Wisdom to Baked (Season of Mist)


You have to hand it to Cannabis Corpse – their dedication to a theme has lasted them for almost a decade, and they’ve made it pretty far solely on that theme. From Wisdom to Baked is the group’s third full-length album, and it is also their first material released on Season of Mist. This album features some of my favorites Cannabis Corpse song titles to date, and other fans of the band will surely enjoy them as well.


Channel Zero, Kill All Kings (Metal Blade)


Belgian rockers Channel Zero experienced a tragic loss last year, as drummer Phil Baheux died on August 10th. The cause has never been made public. Channel Zero elected to continue on, though, and they managed to enlist Roy Mayorga of Stone Sour and Soulfly fame to play on Kill All Kings. The band’s current lineup also features another former Soulfly member in the form of Mikey Doling, who has been with the group since 2010.



Next Week: We kick off July with some big names and some rising stars. The metal calendar is heating up right along with the summer! Come on back for more next week!

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