The best video ever of the day: Allegaeon’s subgenre-crossing ‘1.618’

Posted by on May 6, 2014


Colorado’s Allegaeon have been playing their brand of technical, melodic metal for six years now. They’ve just announced their third album, Elements of the Infinite, and have done so via a video, “1.618.” It’s a great track accompanied by an amazing video that gives Red Fang a run for their money when it comes to humor in metal. The band brings out the “Wheel of Subgenres” and take on a handful of them, including black metal, thrash metal, viking metal crabcore and hair metal. Each one is amazingly well-done. In fact, the “black metal” version even includes a checklist (and a Star of David and Insane Clown Posse hatchet man logo, for some reason). And again, as funny as the video is, it doesn’t detract from the song, which as we’ve already mentioned, is killer.

Elements of the Infinite will be released on June 24th on Metal Blade.


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