While not going too far into detail, Incantation have announced on their website that guitarist Alex Bouks has left the band and that the band may be going on hiatus.

With a heavy heart we announce the resignation of our long time metal brother Alex Bouks. Over the last few years there have been some rough waters that we have all been navigating. A hiatus is more desired, thinking this is the best thing to do to save the magic that we have all worked together on.

With respect we wish only the best to Alex and his work outside the band. He is truly an amazing musician and we are happy to have worked with him.

That’s a pretty vague statement, especially the “a hiatus is more desired” part. The band’s from Pennsylvania, but that phrase sounds like it was translated from another language. We’ll have to see what happens. Bouks had been in the band for six of the band’s 25 years, playing on 2012’s Vanquish in Vengeance. The band’s list of former and live members is a family tree, with 34 members having played in the band, which is currently a trio (if they’re not on hiatus).