Listen to Neurosis’ “Fires Within Fires” now

Posted by on September 22, 2016


It’s hard to believe that Neurosis have been around for over 30 years now, but with their 11th album, Fires Within Fires coming out tomorrow, they’re not only still here, but flourishing. The band that essentially invented post-metal with their third album, Souls at Zero, have continued to redefine and tweak their sound. For this, their first album since 2012’s Honor Found in Decay, they’ve been purposely withholding music from it, with the exception of a teaser video. When was the last time you got to listen to an album without having a few songs from it out there before? Noisey is streaming the album today, just a day before it’s release, and it’s killer.

On first listen, this might be the most straightforward album the band has put out in some time. Consisting of just five songs, they’ve trimmed the fat of some of their previous albums. There’s not a wasted note on it. The straightforwardness carries over to the music as well. Some of the songs are a little more riff-oriented than others, with the exception of album closer “Reach,” which is one of the more melodic and expansive songs in the band’s catalog. Economy does wonders for the band’s sound, making this a concise, powerful album.

Fires Within Fires will be available tomorrow on Neurot Recordings.


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