New Neurosis Song Worth It’s Weight In “Gold”

Posted by on October 4, 2012

Vice Magazine is streaming another new Neurosis song from their forthcoming album, Honor Found In Decay. The song, “We All Rage In Gold,” is the closest the album has to a “single,” and it’s stunning. After a near-minute intro with muted guitars, the song kicks in with a mid-tempo song that’s more straight-ahead than the sparse post-rock sound of their last several albums. Midway through, however, the song’s tempo drops by about half into a plodding sludge, where it stays for the remainder of the song. This is both more straight-forward and shorter (it’s the second-briefest song on Honor Found In Decay) than much of the band’s recent output. You should check it out now, then pick up Honor Found In Decay on October 30 when it’s released.


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